Monday, October 22, 2018

Real estate investment in Dubai Return

"Emaar": Dubai offers the highest return for real estate investment

Dubai has the highest return on real estate investment among the world's major cities, with potential growth potential, which means a stronger appreciation and higher return on investment as Dubai continues to achieve sustained economic growth due to its strong economic fundamentals, Bloomberg said.

Dubai offers a return on real estate investments of 7.5% compared to 3.6% in New York, 4.1% in Boston, 6.2% in Beijing, 4.5% in Brussels, 5.3% in Chicago and 3.3% in Frankfurt, 2.7% in Hong Kong, 3.5% in London, 4.3% in Los Angeles and 3.8% in Madrid.

Emaar's Downtown development offers a highly competitive value to investors seeking long-term and short-term returns at prime locations. Even with Dubai's iconic attractions and excellent infrastructure, the average price in Downtown is $ 550 (Dh2020) per square foot.
In contrast, the average price in cities such as Hong Kong exceeds that, amounting to 11 thousand dollars per square foot, while the average price per square foot in Tokyo to 7,600 dollars, followed by the city of London at an average price of 5300 dollars per square foot, and then Moscow, New York and Shanghai respectively .

Dubai is the gateway to many countries of the world. Its international airport received 43 million passengers in the first half of this year, more than 88 million in 2017. Dubai also hosted 15.8 million tourist nights last year and 10.44 million tourist nights until the end of the year. In August this year.

Inject new real estate investments

Pumping more than 18 billion dirhams in the purchase of 13,383 various properties between the apartments and villas are still under design or completion in different areas of the Emirate of Dubai since the beginning of this year,

 "The Dubai Land Department has documented these transactions, which reflect the increasing real estate market movement since the beginning of this year, particularly in the real estate market under construction, as the highest demand among new investors who want to own real estate,  in a report " .

An analysis of the figures showed that the Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa and the rest of the region have the highest and highest overall sales volume of apartments.

The Gulf Business District recorded 2032 transactions for residential and commercial properties under construction, with a total value exceeding AED 2.5 billion, followed by Dubai Marina after 810 deals worth nearly AED 2 billion.

Burj Khalifa was the third with a total of 578 transactions with a total value of over AED 1.7 billion. The total sales area exceeded AED 1.2 billion through 1,513 transactions.

AED 3.4 billion in Dubai property transactions in a week

The real estate transactions in the Dubai Land Department last week amounted to more than AED 3.4 billion, the most prominent of which was mortgages worth AED 2.1 billion through 286 transactions.

During the week, the department recorded 587 sales of AED1.3 billion, of which 111 were land titles valued at AED 700 million and 476 were sold for apartments and villas valued at AED 600 million.

The most important land sales were AED 289 million in Wadi Al Safa 4 followed by a pledge of AED 25 million in the third Al Quoz area followed by a pledge of AED 14 million in Worsan II.

The third area of ​​Al Habiyah was the region with 21 sales, with 41 million dirhams followed by Al-Wefara 2 with 12 million dirhams and a third in Jebel Ali, with 10 sales worth 30 million dirhams.

As for the most important sales of apartments and villas, it was a pledge of 9 million dirhams in Al Mamzar area as the most important sales, followed by a pledge of AED 9 million in the Island 2 area and finally a pledge of AED 9 million in the Dubai Marina area.

The Gulf Business District topped the region with sales of apartments and villas at 73 million dirhams, followed by Worsan Al-Oula, with 52 shares sold at a value of 22 million dirhams.

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